El-Magd for manufacturing car spare parts

El-Magd for manufacturing car spare parts has established the first factory with a Chinese partnership for manufacturing brake pads using the Carbon Ceramic technology which allows the end user with enhanced braking power , low dusting , ultra quietness , less pad wear, and also we provided our clients with a 20000 km guarantee, hammering on our products’ integrity.

We have reached a respectable position in car spare parts Egyptian market through Chinese manufacturing experience, but with Egyptian professional labor in order to present the peak of high quality productivity.



El-Magd auto has gained the trust of multiple automotive companies through quality of products & competitive prices; for that we are so thankful for all our success partners from the biggest automotive companies in the globe.


When we dream; we dream big and put limitless targets so that we can reach the highest possibilities of success as one of the most well known manufacturers/suppliers in the whole middle east region.

Phone Support

+2 (010) 0674 2448 (Cairo)

+2 (010) 1442 6434 (Alexandria)

+2 (010) 1144 2418 (Ismailia)