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SPC RADIATOR COOLANT is a premium quality, ethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant. It is premixed with water for immediate application in radiator system of modern automotive engine. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC RADIATOR COOLANT meets the following performance requirements: · ASTM D3306 · ASTM D4340 · BS 6580 BENEFITS SPC RADIATOR COOLANT provides the following benefits: · Protects against corrosion and deposits. · Provides higher boiling point to protect against engine overheating. · Prevents coolant freezing. · Maximizes aluminium engine component life. · Compatible with commonly used gaskets and seals. APPLICATIONS SPC RADIATOR COOLANT is recommended for modern high performance passenger car and light diesel engine cooling systems. SPC RADIATOR COOLANT provides frost and corrosion protection of up to 80,000km in automotive application. Dosage: Pour SPC RADIATOR COOLANT as it is into the radiator TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS SPC RADIATOR COOLANT Specific Gravity, 20°C / kg/m3 1.066 pH Value 8.5 Freezing Point, °C -36


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