SDM 706 API CF/SF 20W-50 -20L

SDM 706 API CF/SF 20W-50 -20L

2,000.00 EGP

SDM 706 API CF/SF 20W-50SPC SDM 706 is a premium quality diesel engine oil developed from top quality base oils and additives that deliver detergent, dispersant, antioxidant, anticorrosion, anti-wear and antifoam properties. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SDM 706 meets the following performance requirements: · API CF/SF · API CF-2 (SAE 30 & 40) · MB 227.0 (SAE 30, 40 & 50) · MB 227.1 (SAE 15W40 & 20W50) · ACEA E1 BENEFITS SPC SDM 706 provides the following benefits: · Contains excellent detergency and dispersancy properties. · Resists formation of lacquer, varnish, sludge and other deposits. · Prevents piston rings sticking and keeps piston clean. · Resists oil oxidation under high temperature operation. · Protects the engine against corrosion from acidic combustion by-products. · Prolongs life of moving parts with excellent anti wear properties. · Ensures continuous supply of lubricating oil to critical engine parts with its antifoam properties.APPLICATIONS SPC SDM 706 is recommended for use in normally-aspirated and supercharged diesel engines including highway, off-highway vehicular diesel engines and marine diesel engines.It is also suitable for mixed fleet where gasoline engine oil of API SF service quality is required.


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