SDM 900 API CH-4/SL 20W-50 – 5L

SDM 900 API CH-4/SL 20W-50 – 5L

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SDM 900 API CH-4/SL 20W-50SPC SDM 900 is a Super High Performance Diesel engine oil (SHPDO) developed from premium quality base oils and advanced additive components. It is especially designed to meet the most severe lubrication requirements of European and US heavy duty diesel engines EURO II, III and IV engines running under extreme conditions and significantly extended oil drain intervals. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SDM 900 meets the following performance requirements:  API CH-4/SL  ACEA E7**  Caterpillar ECF-1a**  Cummins CES 20076 / 20077 / 20078*  Global DHD-1*  JASO DH-1*  MACK EO-M Plus*  M3275-2 (SAE 30, SAE 40) / M3275**  MB 228.2 (SAE 30, SAE 40) / MB 228.3**  Renault RLD-2*  Volvo VDS-3* APPROVALS  MAN M3275-1 (SAE 15W40)  MB-Approval 228.3 (SAE 15W40)  MTU Oil Category 2 (SAE 15W40, SAE 30, SAE 40) *applicable to SAE 15W40 only **applicable to SAE 15W40 and 20W50BENEFITS SPC SDM 900 provides the following benefits:  Resists formation of lacquer, varnish, sludge and other deposits in the engine system.  Maintains maximum engine protection due to superior wear and bearing corrosion control.  Incorporates effective cleaning agents to help remove soot deposits and prevent future build-ups.  Protects the engine against corrosion from arduous acidic by-products of combustion with good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.  Offers superior oxidation and thermal stability to help ensure oil stays in grade for extended protection. APPLICATIONS SPC SDM 900 is recommended for use in diesel engines operating under very severe conditions. It is suitable for both highway and off-highway vehicular diesel engines where SHPD oils and extended drain intervals are required.


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