SUBER SG 20W-50 4L

SUBER SG 20W-50 4L

465.00 EGP

SUBER SG 20W-50SPC ADVANTE SUPER SG is a conventional motor oil developed with anti-wear and other protective properties to protect and prolong older engines.PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SG meets the following performance requirements: · API SG/CFBENEFITS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SG provides the following benefits: · Minimises formation of lacquer, varnish, sludge and other engine deposits. · Provides lubrication even in low temperature environment. · Keeps engine pistons and other components clean. · Resists thermal degradation and breakdown. · Offers anti-wear properties which prolong engine life. · Lowers maintenance cost.APPLICATIONS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SG recommended for older cars of most makes and models requiring API SG or earlier classifications level. It is also suitable for light diesel vehicles where API CF oil quality is specified. 


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