SUPER SN 5W-40 1LAll-Rounded Protection FormulaFully Synthetic All-Rounded Protection Formula for multiple car makes and models.the description It is an ultra-high performance oil, formulated with advanced technology, for gasoline engines. It is specially formulated from carefully selected synthetic base oils, with a range of advanced and tested additives, to give the engine exceptional cleanliness as well as protection against wear even under severe operating conditions.Advantages Provides excellent engine protection and optimum performance Provides exceptional control of wear and sludge build-up even in tough operating conditions. Very high viscosity index gives outstanding and remarkable stability of the viscosity Outstanding oxidation and heat stability helps to resist the disintegration and dissolution of oil during different operating temperatures It keeps the engine clean thanks to the presence of highly effective cleaning additives.The use recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines of most makes and types even when operating under severe conditions. It also provides exceptional protection in services where oils meeting earlier classifications, such as API SM, SL, SJ, SH and SG are recommended. SPC FUSION SUPER SN also meets the requirements of modern petrol cars from major manufacturers.


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