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DURASHIFT ATF VI 5L Fully synthetic automatic transmission oil the description High-performance automatic transmission fluid for many cars, specially formulated from carefully selected synthetic (synthetic) base oils, with a range of advanced, tested additives, to be used in a wide range of modern cars in Asia and North America. Provides advanced protection and superior shear stability for vehicles requiring low density automatic transmission fluid Performance Standards  Aisin Warner AW-1  GM Dexron-VI  Honda DW-1  Hyundai / Kia SP-IV / SPH-IV  Mazda ATF FZ  Mitsubishi Diaqueen J3 / ATF PA  Nissan Matic-S  Toyota Type WS Advantages • Provides stable transmission performance even at low temperatures • Excellent resistance to oxidation even in the toughest operating conditions • Helps prevent the formation of sediments and sticky materials • Perfect protection against high temperatures to extend transmission life • Outstanding low temperature performance USAGE Recommended for use with GM Hydromechanical transmissions for 2006 and later models where vehicle manufacturers recommend fluids conforming to GM Dexron VI, Dexron2 and/or Dexron3 specifications. It is also recommended for use with the transmission of most Japanese and Korean cars that require low density fluids. Not recommended for vehicles equipped with CVT and DCT.    


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