SUPER SL 20W-50 4L

SUPER SL 20W-50 4L

550.00 EGP

SUPER SL 20W-50 4LProtects Even Older High Mileage EnginesSPC ADVANTE SUPER SL is a conventional multigrade passenger car motor oil. It has been developed for high performance gasoline engines operating under severe conditions. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SL meets the following performance requirement: · API SL/CFBENEFITS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SL provides outstanding performance such as: · Controls carbon deposit build-up. · Resists oil degradation and breakdown. · Protects engines from wear and sludge formation. · Provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. · Maximises useful engine life. · Keeps engine components clean. · Maintains correct oil viscosity.APPLICATIONS SPC ADVANTE SUPER SL is developed for high mileage passenger cars of most makes and models. SPC ADVANTE SUPER SL may be used where oil meeting earlier classification such as API SJ, SH, SG and SF is recommended.


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