HITO HD 46 -20L

HITO HD 46 -20L Hydraulic anti-corrosion oilSPC HITO HD is a high quality hydraulic oil specially developed for use in many hydraulic systems and equipment. The oil is formulated from selected paraffinic base stock treated with antirust, antioxidant and antiwear additives. The oil is available in a wide range of viscosities to suit all practical requirements.PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC HITO HD meets the following performance requirements:  Cincinnati P-68, P-69 & P-70  Parker HF-2, HF-0  DIN 51524 Part 2  AIST 126, 127  Eaton Vickers M-2950-S (Mobile)  Eaton Vickers I-286-S (Stationary)BENEFITS SPC HITO HD provides the following benefits:  Minimises sludge and deposit formation.  Performs excellent wear protection.  Provides excellent filterability and tolerance to contamination.  Maintains working components in clean operational condition.  Exhibits robust oxidation, rust and corrosion protection.  Good antifoam to prevent oil saturation and system failure.  Prolongs useful service life of the oil and reduces maintenance cost.APPLICATIONS SPC HITO HD is recommended for use in most hydrodynamic power transmission systems, hydraulic controls and hydrostatic systems. It is also suitable for use as heavy-duty lubricant for bearings, reduction units, etc., where operating conditions require special antiwear properties. It is also suitable for use as circulating oil in general bearing lubricationsISO VG  46Viscosity, Kinematicat 40 °C, cSt  47.6at 100 °C, cSt  7.1Viscosity Index  105Specific Gravity,15/15 °C  0.876 Flash Point, COC, °C  220Pour Point, °C   24 


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